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QNRF highlight Conferences and Workshops Sponsorship Program (CWSP)

Conferences held at Qatar National Convention Center will qualify for the program.
An initiative to support scientific research meetings in Qatar is being promoted to researchers by QNRF. The Conferences and Workshops Sponsorship Program (CWSP) aims to build a world class research culture in Qatar and put the state firmly on the academic conference map.

QNRF offer various levels of support to meetings held in Qatar in order to connect local scientists to global research communities, to encourage the hosting of academic conferences within Qatar and to attract international institutions to host their conferences in Qatar.

Conferences of over 100 people and held over several days are eligible for one of five sponsorship levels. Workshops (smaller events held over one or two days) will be sponsored at an appropriate level.

The CWSP has already benefitted several conferences held in Doha this year, including the IEEE 2nd Middle East Student Branch Congress, the 26th Wireless World Research Forum and the inaugural Neuroscience Nursing Speciality Society of the GCC. In addition, the forthcoming workshop on Power Electronics for Industrial Applications and Renewable Energy Conversion in November 2011 will also receive support from the program.

CWSP Program Manager at QNRF, Dr. Enas Mohamed, said "When you join many researchers in one venue, you can feel science in the air. That is the outcome of being in a conference or workshop; to find good listeners and exchange thoughts with people who share with you the same interests. Brilliant ideas will never see the light of day if you keep them inside your head; sharing your opinions, thoughts and perceptions about a natural phenomenon or even science fiction can be a step forward toward solving the mystery of our world and living a better life. Of course we may need the perseverance of Thomas Edison when he tested over 3000 filaments before he came up with his version of a practical light bulb, but at the end it is worth it."

Sponsoring decisions take into account the following points:

  • The theme is unique, research-oriented and relevant to Qatar and it's needs
  • The event fosters collaboration amongst researchers in Qatar and global research communities
  • The event attracts international academic or professional institutions and encourages them to participate and host their future periodic conferences in Qatar
Interested parties can read the full terms and conditions and apply for sponsorship at the QNRF website: http://www.qnrf.org/activities/wcsc/goals_guid/

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