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Biannual National Research Survey relaunched as Qatar National Research Survey

The Biannual National Research Survey (BNRS) was set up as a national database of Qatari research designed to promote awareness of the areas of research undertaken in Qatar, as well as to provide a corpus of knowledge to be used by future researchers. It has also proved to be a valuable way of selling and promoting Qatar's investment in research to potential international collaborators.

However the growth in the number of papers with at least one author with a Qatari affiliation has been so steep that the database will move to a more continuously-updated model and has recently changed its name to the Qatar National Research Survey (QNRS).

Since its launch in 2008, the BNRS succeeded in cataloging over 8000 records in both English and Arabic, dating from 1970 to the present day. However the pace of change in research output, partly down to the efforts of QNRF, is greater than might have been expected. So instead of updating the database every 2 years, it is hoped that a repository model, with full-text article updates on an 'as written' or 'as published' basis, will prove to be a more timely way to document the research coming out of Qatar.

To realize this aim, QNRF and their partners, Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Journals (BQFJ), will work to create an integrated online repository for the QNRS. The initial aim is to get full-text articles funded by Qatar, or content written or produced by Qataris anywhere in the world, and index this content so that it is fully-searchable on QScience.com, BQFJ's online platform for scientific research. It will explicitly include masters and doctoral theses written by Qataris worldwide.

At all times the QNRS will adhere to publisher copyright restrictions. There will be links to the final published versions on the publisher website, and a locally-stored version of the manuscript in a form allowable by publishers.

The first incarnation of the QNRS should be available on QScience.com before the end of the summer.

We invite any author or contributor who qualifies for inclusion in the QNRS to submit their research paper or book via QNRS's online form. We are particularly interested content from 2010 onwards, and any contributions from government departments in Qatar.

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