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Enhancements highlighted at launch of the 5th NPRP cycle

Program updates were announced at a recent NPRP launch event.
Qatar National Research Fund recently announced the launch of the 5th cycle of its outstanding international research funding initiative, the National Priorities Research Program (NPRP).

The NPRP is an annual program, with grants of up to US$350,000, per year, for projects that span from one to three years. It funds original, competitively-selected research from all disciplines and, as QNRF's largest funding program, has already invested over US$345M in 411 projects to date involving 134 collaborative institutions from around the world. The fund is open to both Qatari and non-Qatari citizens, located inside or outside Qatar.

This year it was announced that principal investigators will need five peer-reviewed publications to qualify for funding, a standard QNRF employed to ensure a continued influx of the highest-quality research proposals. Applicants were invited to start submitting their Letters of Intent (LoI) online from noon, Doha time, on Tuesday, 13th of September 2011 and are asked to ensure that their applications are in compliance with the revised requirements listed in the NPRP 5th cycle Request for Proposal (RFP) which is available for download from QNRF's website, www.qnrf.org.

For the launch of NPRP's 5th cycle, QNRF held three public presentations in Qatar, as well as two webinar broadcasts, specially timed for the convenience of those applicants in North America and Southeast Asia, outlining the major changes and enhancements made in the 5th cycle and illustrating the applicable policies and guidelines. 

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