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Ms. Riham Daher, Senior Award Administration Officer

Ms. Riham Daher, Senior Award Administration Officer
Born and raised in Qatar, and with a US education in molecular biology, Ms. Riham Daher has worked at QNRF for nearly five years. She says she is proud to work for the first funding mechanism of its kind in the region and that it's the unique Programs of QNRF that make it a vital research connection point, worldwide.

Q: You are a Senior Award Administration Officer, what does this mean?

A: I serve as a primary contact to ensure that awarded institutions comply with the terms and conditions of the fund management agreement. I also assist the Award Administration Senior Manager in the financial, contractual and logistical implementation and oversight of QNRF grants. To do all of this, I work closely with the QNRF Technical Department staff in order to process the evaluation of progress reports, with the Financial Department Staff to reconcile financial reports, approve and monitor grant payments. Finally, I oversee the operations of the award administration assistants and officers.

Q: Can you describe an average day in this role?

A: My role starts in the post-award phase of any grant. As a Senior Officer, I start my day by reporting to the Award Administration (AA) Senior Manager about critical issues and achievements related to the AA team. I receive progress reports from awarded institutions every six months and send them to the respective QNRF Program Managers for evaluation and recommendations. Overall, I serve as a liaison to ensure that all of this activity relates closely to the activities of the QNRF Finance department regarding the release of award installments for each project.

As part of the AA department, I also serve as the focal point between QNRF and the awarded institutions, specifically their research offices. We are open to hear and receive all of their requests, compliments and recommendations for improvement.

Q: What are some of the highlights of your position at QNRF—things that give you the most satisfaction?

A: Working at QNRF has been a highlight of my professional life. I am so proud of what we have achieved so far; working with talented and proactive colleagues has been a delight and privilege.

I'm also proud to have been selected as employee of the year in 2008, receiving awards for my hard work and commitment. I have received support from my senior manager to continue my graduate studies and broaden my career path through training at international institutions with returns benefiting QNRF.

Q: If you were to share one valuable insight from your experience with the research community, what would it be?

A: What makes QNRF an effective funding agency is its ability to work with both the public and private sectors in Qatar and then extend collaboration opportunities to international researchers worldwide. That makes QNRF competitive with specialized international funding organizations and allows for the realization that we are becoming a leading international funding agency.

Q: How would you describe Qatar to someone who has never been here?

A: Qatar is a safe, quiet, fast-developing country that's always looking to become the best. Simply put, it is a diamond in the rough.

Q: What do you see in the future for Qatar and its research community?

A: Qatar has a clear vision and strategy related to all developmental sectors, including economic, social, health care, environment and technology, to name just a few. Qatar is holding its residents' hands, relying on their expertise in order to envision and realize goals that are beneficial to everyone in the future. Qatar is taking shape as an active center for all fields of research and intellectual activities, and thus these priorities are a big part of its national identity.

Riham, we thank you very much for this interview and wish you the best of luck with all of your future work at QNRF.

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