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New PR strategy to enhance communication and web visibility

QNRF is delighted to announce that it has now developed and put in place a strategic public relations framework to handle its increasingly high visibility in the research community, both domestically and internationally.

The plan involves a phased strategy to incorporate all mediums in a coordinated approach to communication related to building a research culture in Qatar while taking into account QNRF's varied target audiences.

A great deal of effort over six months has produced the strategy, which marries consistency of messaging with tailored content. By assessing the differing needs of the audience, the strategy is designed to encourage clarity of thinking around the goals and aims of QNRF in the context of the growing research community and world-class discoveries it supports.

The strategy is designed to eliminate the chance that any of the stakeholders have been left out of the communications loop by striving to keep everyone aware of QNRF's activities and progress.

Both internal and external communications will continue to articulate QNRF's goals effectively but have now been enhanced by the development of tactical plans, drawn up and at the ready to handle everything from scheduled activities to unforeseen circumstances such as a crisis management.

The full range of tools available will be used to reflect the growing importance of social networks and digital media. To get news out, QNRF now takes full advantage of Facebook, Twitter and You Tube, as well as its informative website and innovative Online Submission System.

The strategy accommodates plans for improving internal news distribution to QNRF's own staff and stakeholders to ensure that members of QNRF are not only kept aware of developments taking place in-house but are also given a voice when it comes to expressing an opinion and providing valuable feedback used to refine and improve QNRF processes and policies.

Overall, QNRF envisages a linked-up process, encouraging engagement of the end-user and increased traffic to the website. The planned and phased approach is proactive rather than reactive and ensures QNRF's alignment with Qatar Foundation's own public relations strategy by avoiding the transmission of mixed messages and maintaining unity of vision.

Communication is key.

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