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New seminar series connects researchers and the public

The first seminar concentrated on Gas-to-Liquid technology.
December saw the launch of an innovative series of QNRF–driven QF R&D seminars designed to connect researchers and the wider public audience in Qatar. By giving the researchers a forum in which they can shed light on the nature of their research in a context understandable by the layman, they can showcase their achievements and how it will benefit the general population, be that local, regional or global.

Titled “QF R&D Research Outcome Seminars” or ROS, the first of a series of quarterly events took on the theme of “Energy and Environment” and was held at QNRF’s headquarters in Doha. Following the opening remarks by Dr Abdul Sattar Al-Taie, Executive Director, QNRF, four researchers, selected by QNRF’s Program Managers for the relevance of the output from their QNRF-funded research, gave 20 minute, in-depth presentations, each being followed by a brief Q&A session.

An audience of around one hundred specialists in the field attended and, whilst the first event was by invitation only, future events will be open to the public. Both QNRF and Qatar Foundation Research & Development feel that it is very important for funded researchers to connect directly with the public and demonstrate how funds are being invested and what it is that is being achieved. The presentations, although technical in content, were structured in a way designed to be easily absorbed by the non-scientific community and to stimulate further interest in the chosen topics.

Presenters from Qatar University (Dr Mert Atilhan, Associate Professor) and Texas A&M University at Qatar (Dr Nimir Elbashir, Associate Professor, Dr Dragomir Bukur, Professor and Dr Robert Tuba, Assistant Research Scientist) gave powerful insights into the outcomes of their research, mainly in the field of Gas-To-Liquid (GTL) technology, and how the future will unfold in the field of energy and environment based on those insights.

The next theme, date and location of the next QF R&D Research Outcome Seminar will be announced by QNRF on their website http://www.qnrf.org.

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