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NPRP concludes fourth cycle and launches Exceptional Proposals program

The National Priorities Research Program (NPRP) is the flagship program of QNRF and intended as the primary channel to address key national, regional and global research needs. It provides opportunities for researchers at all levels, in the private, public and academic sectors. Funding is awarded on a competitive basis irrespective of discipline.

The annual program, with grants ranging from US$20,000 to US$350,000 per year for a maximum of three years, is open to international applicants who are able to identify a collaborator inside Qatar. In addition, QNRF have launched a new program for proposals of exceptional merit, known as the NPRP-EP (Exceptional Proposals).

In its first cycle, QNRF awarded US$25m to 47 proposals out of 175 proposals that passed QNRF screening. In its second cycle, US$86m was awarded to 93 proposals from 482 accepted proposals. An impressive number of 536 proposals successfully passed the screening in the third cycle of which 126 proposals were awarded funding. Currently, we are in the fourth cycle, with more than 3,770 Letters of Intent submitted over these four cycles.

QNRF are now screening the proposals and the Lead Principal Investigators (LPIs) will be notified with the results by February 2011. This will be followed by the awards announcement in June 2011.

Ms. Noor Al-Merekhi, NPRP Program Manager, explained that the program has proved to be successful in attracting worldwide collaboration. "Our program proved to be successful in attracting collaboration worldwide, previously we had 373 institutions participating from 49 different countries, now it is 887 institutions coming from 68 countries. All of which are funded on a competitive basis."

The NPRP-EP (Exceptional Proposals) is an additional funding opportunity within the NPRP for proposals of exceptional scientific merit that require funds in excess of the standard NPRP funding. The NPRP-EP is open for applications throughout the year and does not have an application deadline.

The NPRP-EP budget is up to US$5m for projects not exceeding five years, 80% of the total budget must be spent inside Qatar this allows for up to 20% of the total budget to be expended outside Qatar. It is essential for the LPIs applying for the NPRP-EP to reside in Qatar throughout the project period.

NPRP-EP applicants are required to submit an Initial Research Proposal that will address specific requirements, as opposed to submitting Letters of Intent. For further information on the program's policies and guidelines please see the addendum to the RFP document (pp. 47-51) available at http://www.qnrf.org/fund_program/nprp/download/

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