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QNRF and Supreme Education Council launch SSREP

Dr. Abdul Sattar Al-Taie and Sabah Al-Haidoos sign the Memorandum of Understanding for SSREP
In an effort to promote research culture in Qatar and unlock the nation's capacity to discover and achieve, the Director of the Education Institute at the Supreme Council of Education (SEC), Sabah Al-Haidoos and Dr. Abdul Sattar Al-Taie Executive Director of Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF), signed a Memorandum of Understanding on QNRF's latest funding initiative, the Secondary School Research Experience Program (SSREP).

The SSREP program will allow all students in 42 independent and 31 private secondary schools, to carry out research based on the curriculum standards set by the SEC and under the supervision of school teachers.

The program will enhance students' knowledge and skills in scientific research and the cooperation between the SEC and QNRF aims to advance knowledge and education by providing support for researchers.

It will also allow secondary school students to gain hands-on experience in research methodology and ethics by implementing modest research projects. This in turn will enhance students' capability to carry out further research at the university level with more focus and confidence.

There are two phases to the SSREP submission process. The first stage requires the submission of a short summary of the aims of the project to ascertain its compliance with the SEC curriculum standards. The second stage, having carried out the research project, is to submit the final report. QNRF received a total of 177 proposals of which 158 projects met the SEC curriculum standards and were accepted.

To assist with new requirements QNRF held a workshop for teachers and students over the internet (via a webinar) in Arabic and English and has also set up workshops in some schools based on their needs. In addition a video clip has been created that explains the registration processes.

Listed below is a breakdown of accepted proposals by academic area:



Physical Education
Social Studies




In order to guarantee impartiality the names of the participants and schools will be removed and the final report will be evaluated by a team of independent experts and scored against the specified criteria.

The students and teachers of those projects that score 85% and above are to be awarded a prize of QAR 5,000, per participant, by QNRF. Furthermore, the top 10% of the projects will automatically be entered for the Education Excellence Day (EED) prize in the Scientific Research Category for the next academic year.

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