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QNRF-funded projects win recognition

Two QNRF-funded projects have recently won prizes at international conferences.

Firstly, researchers at the Section of Clinical and Metabolomic Genetics at Hamad Medical Corporation have received the "Princess Aljawhara Center Award for The Best Research In Basic Genetics" from the Saudi Arabian institute, King Abdulaziz University.

This is one of the most competitive and prestigious awards in the region, where researchers from outside and within Saudi Arabia (including the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center) are invited to present their research. The winning project, "Genetic basis of autosomal recessive disorders in Qatar" is funded by a NPRP grant and is conducted by HMC in association with McGill University of Canada.

In addition to this, there was the distinction of another award for a project funded by QNRF.

A paper entitled “PWM Scheme for Dual Matrix Converter Based Five-Phase Open-End Winding Drive" was presented at ICIT2013 (the International Conference on Industrial Technology), which was recently held in South Africa. It was judged to be the best of 322 papers and received the “Best Paper Award”. This is one of the most prestigious IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) conferences and proved to be an ideal showcase for the high quality work and outstanding achievements of the research team.

Project details:
  • Project ID: NPRP 4-093-3-035
  • Title: Genetic basis of autosomal recessive disorders in Qatar
  • Submitting Institution: HMC
  • Collaborative Institution : McGill University, Canada.

  • Project ID: NPRP 4-152-2-053
  • Title: Advanced power electronic solutions for variable-speed multiphase AC motor drives
  • Submitting Institution: Qatar University
  • Collaborative Institutions: TAMUQ and Liverpool John Moores University


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