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QNRF invited to speak at 53rd annual National Council of Research Administrators meeting

For the second consecutive year, Dr. Omar Boukhris, QNRF Senior Manager-Award Administration was invited as a guest speaker at the 53rd annual meeting of the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) held in Washington D.C. this past November. Dr. Boukhris headed a team from QNRF, attending the full event and returning to share the outcome with all QNRF staff.

As they attended more than 20 workshops targeting different aspects of grant administration, the QNRF team learned about the latest advancements in grant management models, including updates in the realm of research ethics and financial compliance.

"Being apprised of the different international grant management models helps us to accommodate our international clients and introduces refinements to QNRF's own process," Dr. Boukhris said.

During an early conference session, Dr. Boukhris delivered a presentation to attendees entitled "QNRF Five Years of Achievements," wherein he highlighted QNRF's essential position in the country's movement toward its 2030 National Vision, mentioned statistics of QNRF funding programs and emphasized the funding agency's impact on the research culture in Qatar and the region.

"Scientific research funding in the State of Qatar was given a full context," Dr. Boukhris said. He added: "QNRF's international outreach for the past five years is highly recognized. In fact, many world-renowned scientific institutions are conducting QNRF funded research projects in conjunction with Qatari institutions."

In a later session, Dr. Boukhris, together with Mr. Mahmoud Talaat, Senior Manager Operations at QNRF, presented the "QNRF Funding and Processing Model," which mapped out successful proposal preparation while emphasizing the international research collaboration outlook of QNRF.

Since its inception in 1958, NCURA has drawn the most established institutions dedicated to scientific research and research administration, from the US and beyond. It aims to encourage professional development as well as knowledge exchange among executives who perform the respected and valued role of research administration.

"Playing a critical role in program operations, the research administrator is ultimately responsible for protecting the professional and academic rights of investigators, institutions and funding agencies. This involves keeping apprised of regulations, policies and procedures," Dr. Boukhris concluded. 

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