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QNRF-QSTP Joint IP Management Project nears end

Ms. Tamara El-Shibib, Senior IP Specialist, QSTP
Thirty QNRF-supported research projects were recently screened by intellectual property (IP) specialists, who assessed their potential impact on human, economic, environmental and social development in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030. The QNRF-QSTP Joint IP Management Project focuses on research projects funded by QNRF's flagship funding vehicle, the National Priorities Research Program (NPRP).

The projects were subject to assessment according to detailed criteria such as technology readiness level, potential market opportunity, IP portfolio status, clarity of IP ownership, and the research's potential to generate IP and commercialization.

The completion of this process represents a large step forward within the second stage of the QNRF-QSTP Joint Intellectual Property Management Project. It resulted in the selection of five projects that were deemed to have potentially high economic value upon commercialization. A strategy will be developed for each project to better understand the challenges affecting commercialization of research in Qatar, build local capabilities and evaluate the extent to which the research funded will have an impact in Qatar as related to the Qatar National Vision 2030.

"This project is just another example of how QNRF is present on the world stage of IP generation," said Dr. Omar Boukhris, QNRF's Senior Manager of Award Administration.

"This project represents a critical step toward bridging the gap between research and innovation, and supporting Qatar's goals of developing into a knowledge-based economy," said Tamara El-Shibib, Senior IP Specialist, QSTP.

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