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Secondary school program increasingly attracting students

Students gather to hear SSREP announcement
Secondary school students throughout Qatar are stepping forward in greater numbers to learn through their very own research projects. The unique opportunity to write proposals and manage investigations through to results is theirs due to Qatar National Research Fund's Secondary School Research Experience Program. In its second cycle, the program recently drew 273 letters of intent (LoIs)—a 55 percent increase from the first cycle—261 of which advanced into projects.

Dr. Abdul Sattar Al Taie, Executive Director-QNRF, said: "Promoting learning-by-doing and a hands-on approach, SSREP aims at installing a research culture within the country's educational fabric as early as the secondary school level. It is designed to this end by enhancing productive collaboration between teachers and pupils, while facilitating awareness of research. The success of this program, which is in its second cycle, will be achieved as it continues to provide real opportunities to all students across educational institutions in Qatar while encouraging them to integrate research into their curriculum activities."

Dr. Abdulla Al Kamali

Dr. Abdulla Al Kamali, SSREP Program Officer
"These encouraging statistics show a clear enhancement in terms of the number of proposals submitted and the success rate," said Dr. Abdulla Al Kamali, SSREP Program Officer. "The spread of the research culture among proactive young students is more prevalent as a community network of pupils from different schools is created. Both the increased number of proactive students and the quality of their ideas prove the worth of this forward-thinking program. It's really amazing to see how students gain enthusiasm and confidence as they decide what they want to learn most in the world around them."

Accepted proposals from this second cycle were based on the following subjects: science (133), mathematics (31), English (19), Arabic (36), social studies (41) and physical education (1). Students will submit their final research reports by this coming April 5th.

The Secondary School Research Experience Program aims to engage all students (Qatari and non-Qatari) in all secondary schools in Qatar (independent and private), under the mentorship of their teachers and/or subject coordinators in undertaking projects that are directly derived from the curriculum standards that are accredited by the Supreme Education Council.

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