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UREP's ninth cycle engages 183 undergraduates

Dr. Hisham M. Sabir, Program Manager, UREP

Dr. Hisham M. Sabir, Program Manager, UREP

QNRF has recently announced the outcome of the ninth cycle of its funding program; the Undergraduate Research Experience Program, UREP.

During the ninth cycle, QNRF received 118 research proposals, each of which was evaluated by three independent peer reviewers. The average score of all proposals was 78%. In order to maintain a high quality level for the awarded UREP proposals, QNRF Steering Committee decided to adopt a cutoff score of 82% for this cycle, which resulted in the award of 44 research proposals engaging 183 undergraduate students across seven academic institutions.

UREP was the first in QNRF's portfolio of research funding programs and is designed to promote "learning by doing" and "hands-on" research activities as effective methods of undergraduate education. Students gain experience in research with faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students and other undergraduates or research staff in Qatar. UREP cycles are launched twice a year, once in the spring semester and again in the fall.

Each UREP cycle provides a valuable experience and insight, not only to academics, researchers and students, but also to QNRF's UREP management staff, who constantly implement the lessons learnt to improve the program.

QNRF recognizes that there will always be room for improvement and has implemented a valuable feedback mechanism, in the form of the UREP Student Survey. This will enable QNRF's UREP Program Managers to learn of the students' experiences and benefit from their suggestions and recommendations to continuously improve UREP and its benefit to students and staff alike

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