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Welcome to this eleventh issue of the QNRF Newsletter.

Dr Abdul Sattar Al-Taie, Executive Director, QNRF
The content of this issue reflects the continual evolution of QNRF as it aligns its services and programs with the needs of researchers and the Qatar National Research Strategy. As a special addition to this issue, the strategy is discussed in a high-profile interview with Qatar Foundation's President of Research and Development, Mr. Faisal Alsuwaidi.

His insights reflect a vision of collaboration and continued success across Qatar's research landscape, and we are thrilled to be a part of promoting and supporting this progress. One key point in the strategy involves the increased collaboration of Qatar-based institutions, and we have fielded proposals from 76 such centers.

Our newest funding vehicle, the National Priorities Research Program-Exceptional Proposal, recently awarded a total of almost $US 10.4 million to three nationally-significant projects. The projects promise to advance the Qatar Exoplanet Survey, improve solar power conversion and evaluate weight management among Qatari school children. The outcomes of this work and all of the projects we support promise not only contribute to science worldwide, but to also positively impact countless lives.

In other funding news, our National Priorities Research Program (NPRP) drew more than 710 full proposals, of which 688 passed through screening. In addition to this, the number of collaborators reached 1,141, from almost 70 countries. Each of the proposals passed through five independent peer reviewers and the awards will be announced at the upcoming 5th QNRF Annual Forum, on Tuesday, May 14th , at the Qatar National Convention Centre and which will be streamed live for those of you that cannot be present in Qatar on that day.

Our Undergraduate Research Experience Program continues to encourage and support Qatar's young researchers, giving them hands-on experience through every stage of the investigation process. It's exciting to note that this last cycle pushed the total number of students awarded past 2,000, highlighting a significant impact on the next generation of scientists. This issue of the newsletter highlights the results of our UREP competition, designed to further encourage and reward excellence in undergraduate research.

We are excited to remind investigators about the reactivation of the Conferences and Workshop Sponsorship Program (CWSP). The aim of this program is to connect researchers in Qatar to their peers and colleagues both in Qatar and abroad, as well as attracting and informing scientists from abroad about research and opportunities in Qatar. These funding activities will indirectly help to build human capital in Qatar. CWSP allows greater contact and more collaborative exchanges between those working in Qatar and those coming from outside. It also aids the cause of education in general, and adds insight and inspiration to relevant ongoing research in Qatar.

I invite you to peruse this newsletter's updates and features to get a sense of the strides QNRF is making in outreach and development capacities and to get a solid sense of the progress being made in Qatar according to the highest international standards.

Specifically, QNRF made an appearance at the British Council's "Going Global 2013" conference in Dubai recently, which was focused on global education and knowledge-based economies. We have also launched and had great success with a mobile app designed to facilitate user experience among researchers involved in our programs.

Five of our NPRP-funded research projects are highlighted in this issue—as features and a podcast—and reflect exciting advances taking place in the fields of biomedicine, policy development, vehicle technology and optics.

Finally, I would like to personally congratulate Dr. Abdulnasser A. Al-Ansari on his new role as QNRF's Deputy Executive Director and I would like to thank Dr. Nabeel Al-Salem for his tireless efforts over the last six years and wish him every success in his new role within the Research and Development Division.

We hope that you enjoy this latest update on the progress being made at QNRF and throughout the research community in Qatar in collaboration with respected and renowned research centers worldwide.

Dr. Abdul Sattar Al-Taie

Executive Director
Qatar National Research Fund

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