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Welcome to this tenth issue of the QNRF Newsletter.

Dr Abdul Sattar Al-Taie, Executive Director, QNRF
One of QNRF’s greatest strengths is that we have listened and responded to your needs, and we continue to work closely with you to understand them as they change. We have built our own internal banks of knowledge and expertise, and that strategy has worked well, giving QNRF more opportunities to offer diverse programs of funding and support. This evolution is key in QNRF’s history and demonstrates that the focus on doing what’s right for the research community and delivering what they want, when they need it, is still at the very heart of QNRF’s decision-making. Six years on and QNRF is still listening and delivering what you want and moving closer to fulfilling our vision of creating knowledge-based society, fostering innovation and inspiring future generations as we go.

October 21st saw the start of the QF Annual Research Forum at which I am pleased to report approximately 50 percent of the research papers presented at the Forum originated from QNRF-funded projects, a testament to the quality of our programs. At the Forum, the President of Research and Development at Qatar Foundation, Mr. Faisal Alsuwaidi, launched the Qatar National Research Strategy (QNRS). Now in its third year, the Annual Research Forum offers a platform to eminent scientists to talk about the latest developments from QNRF and QF as well as exchange knowledge and network with their peers. This year the Forum set the stage for the announcement of a revised set of goals and objectives, and all further research funding will be aligned with them. In fact, QNRF has already taken steps to implement the new policy, and the sixth cycle of the National Priorities Research Program now reflects this.

The Forum was also the first opportunity for many to meet Dr. Thomas Zachariah who recently joined QF as Executive Vice President for Research and Development. You can read more about Dr. Zachariah, his expertise and the vision he shares for Qatar, in the interview section of this issue of the QNRF Newsletter.

I also updated delegates with some impressive statistics designed to show what QNRF has achieved over the last five cycles of the NPRP. QNRF takes great pride in its policies of accountability and transparency and as part of that philosophy tracks a broad range of KPIs generated from the funded projects, which have proven useful in illustrating the progress being made. Additionally, approximately 50 percent of the research papers presented at the Forum originated from QNRF-funded projects, a testament to the quality of our programs.

We hope you will enjoy this latest edition of the newsletter as a chance to see in detail some of the exciting research taking place in Qatar; we are honored and delighted to be an integral part of the national vision for research as it unfolds. Saying this, I would like to wish all applicants to the sixth cycle of the NPRP good luck as we look forward to a new era in the development of Qatar as a global hub for knowledge and innovation, supported, as always by QNRF.

Dr. Abdul Sattar Al-Taie

Executive Director
Qatar National Research Fund

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